Early Marriages Sorted by Groom's Last Name

From The History of Laclede, Camden, Dallas, Webster, Wright, Texas, Pulaski, Phelps and Dent Counties, Missouri, published by The Goodspeed Publishing Co. in 1889

Date of Marriage Groom's First Name Groom's Last Name Bride's First Name Bride's Last Name Official performing service
September 6, 1855 Mapes Adams Elizabeth Brown by James Brazeal J.P.
October 4, 1855 Daniel Adams Munda E. Williams by William Holdaway J.P.
September 11, 1856 William R. Alcorn Mary Wammack by J. C. Trimble J.P.
December 11, 1856 William Allen Susan Bateman by J. A. Patterson J.P.
May 13, 1855 Jacob Boles Nancy Andrew by David Bruton J.P.
April 8, 1855 William J. Brixey Matilda Beasley by Nathan B. Briggs B.M.
March 15, 1855 David P. Bruton Mary Martin by Keathley Bailes J.P.
September 18, 1856 Philip Bundren Caroline S. Briggs by G. W. Alexander J.P.
December , 1855 B.F.T. Burford Nancy G. King by James H. Slavens M.G.
October 16, 1856 Jonathan Burford Mary Q. Jameson by C. F. Dryden M.G.
September 6, 1855 Oliver Butcher Margaret Cunningham by John McEwen M.0.
July 3, 1856 James Caldwell Matilda Amose by C. F. Dryden M.G.
March 19, 1855 Thomas H. Cantrell Sarah E. Cook by J. A. Patterson. J.P.
September 22, 1855 Thomas Capell Parmelia Vetito by James H. Slavens M.G.
April 22, 1855 John S. Caskey Lucinda Pearson J.L. Stafford J.P.
September 6, 1856 H. H. Cathey Nancy Johnson by Ambrose Cobb M.G.
October 24, 1856 James T. Clemmonds Lucy Ann Hendricks by W. D. Moody J.P.
December 17, 1856 Franklin Cloud Columbia Bouldin by C. F. Dryden M.G.
August 28, 1856 Martin Cornelison Nancy Goodman by Stephen Philips J.P.
July 27, 1856 William A. Crow Dulany A. Cornelison by Jonathan Browley J.P.
September 21, 1856 John Davis Margaret Hargis by J. Browley J.P.
February 28, 1856 Samuel Day Arena Day by John Brixey M.G.
August 27, 1856 Tyre Downey Mahala Johnson by J. Browley J.P.
July 25, 1855 John Duthero Nancy Honeycut by John M. Buff J.P.
August 8, 1855 James Edington Elender Scott by Jacob Mingus M.G.
October 12, 1856 A. A. Edwards Angeline Welch by Keathley Bailes M.G.
November 11, 1855 Jackson Ellison Malinda Jennings by N. B. Briggs B.M.
July 12, 1855 Isaac W. Epps Coneyann Cantrell by William Worthy J.P.
November 20, 1856 Augustus Ford Caroline Chaffin by C. C. Williamson.
June 9, 1856 James M. George Parthenia M. Ball by Jeptha L. More J.P.
June 26, 1856 Gabel Givens Mahala Kirkland by Ambrose Cobb M. 0.
September 23, 1855 Joseph H. Goodnight Eliza J. Braden by John S. Walker M.G.
November 22, 1855 A. O. Greathouse Mary Lively by J. M. Buff J.P.
September 25, 1856 William Green Rosy Ann Deshozier by J. Browley J.P.
December 23, 1855 G. W. Groves Eliza A. Burks by R. B. Rogers.
May 8, 1856 Ben. Hammonds Lucinda Campbell by John Brixey M.G.
December 23, 1855 White S. Hargus Temply Medley by W. Holdaway J.P.
May 13, 1855 Elijah Harwood Sarah J. Young by Isaac Brashears J.P.
December 25, 1856 John D. Herrenton Mary Edwards by Keathley Bales M.G.
July 20, 1856 Jeremiah Highfields Elender E. Norton by James Highfields M.G.
March 5, 1855 Jackson Hogges Anna Laky by Keatlilcy Bailes J.P.
October 8, 1856 Jesse Hollis Nancy A. Slavens by James Jones B.M.
January 27, 1856 W. H. Hunt Mahala A. Haymes by J. H. Slavens M.G.
August 3, 1856 Adison Hurst Sarah Hamers by R. L. Callaway M.E.S.M.
August 6, 1855 John C. Hyden Phoebe Laky by David Bruton J.P.
May 17, 1855 Thomas Ince Nancy Jackson by Nathan B. Briggs B.M.
August 7, 1856 Ebenezer T. Julian Eliza Hopkins by J. C. Trimble J.P.
June 26, 1856 James J. Kilburn Ferraly J. Tigart by William Worthy. J.P.
November 20, 1856 J. W. Kirk Lucy C. Burks by W. K. Rargus J.P.
May 15, 1856 B. F. Lee Artella Ellis by W. Smith J.P.
October 12, 1855 Russell Mahan Elizabeth Cobb by N. B. Briggs B. M.
July 8, 1855 Wesley McCmore America Lyons by John C. Trimble J.P.
April 12, 1855 William McFierson Flora Baker John Brixey M.G.
January 3, 1856 John F. McMahan Margaret E. Young by John C. Trimble J.P.
August 14, 1855 Noah Nunn Mary J. Penland by William Worthy J.P.
November 5, 1856 Bradford Nunn Eliza Hurlbut by Ed. Kendrick J.P.
November 13, 1856 Jamnes Pilkenton Mary Crider by Thomas Bales M.G.
March 15, 1856 Robert B. Puryear Druscilla A. Cummins by N. C. Turner J.P
August 2, 1855 William Randolph Mary M. Hyde Harrison Doty M.G.
August 31, 1856 Enock Robinet Margaret Climer by Ed. Kendrick J.P.
March 20, 1856 John Roods Jane Nobles by Neely Prior J.P.
August 10, 1856 James Shields Dulcena Nunn by Thomas Bales M.G.
April 15, 1856 James Simpson Chasey Compton by W. Smith. J.P.
July 18, 1856 J. W. R. Slavens Sarah T. Capell by C. F. Dryden M.G.
April 5, 1855 John Staggs Susan Rodgers by Burgess Wright J.P.
September 16, 1855 Alex. Stevenson Hester Turner by John Cummins L.P.
February 17, 1856 A. Swarrengain Margaret J. Williams by W. Holdaway J.P.
December 27, 1855 William Todd Rebecca Shumake by Jacob Mingus M.G.
October 9, 1856 John C. Trimble Sarah England by John Cummins M.E.M.
August 24, 1856 George Turner Eliza Bryant by Elder R. S. Eaton.
September 8, 1856 John Turner Harriet C. Nichols by J. H. Slavens M.G.
April 3, 1856 Bart. Turubull Sarah Collins by M. C. Carter M. M.
July 6, 1856 Bowlen Uscry Sarah Young by J. A. Patterson J.P.
June 3, 1855 James Vaughn Lavinia Bookout by James Brazeal J.P.
October 3, 1856 Alfred Wadkins Prudence Lonsdown by Joseph H. Conner J.P.
October 28, 1856 James Wammack Nancy M. Blankenship by J. C. Trimble J.P.
March 6, 1856 George V. Wester Caroline Earls by W. K. Hargus J.P.
October 30, 1856 Joseph Willis Mary J. Mullinax by James Jones B.M.
November 18, 1855 James W. Worthy Brittana Hyde by Jacob Mingus B.M.
July 17, 1856 Spencer P. Wright Nancy Branstutter by R. R. Rodgers.