Webster County Courthouse Records

The Webster County Court House is located on the square in Marshfield, Missouri. They are open from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (Central Time zone). Closed holidays (Missouri celebrates Truman's Birthday May 8, nothing else different.) Although the courthouse burned in 1863, almost all records were saved with the exception of tax rolls and election returns. Marriage records begin in 1855, wills in 1881 and land records in 1855 all located in the recorder's office. Divorce records are with the circuit clerk. You may want to check with probate for some of the earliest wills - these are kind of hard to come by. Some, actually very few, death and birth records are available. Charges as of 1996 for copies are $1.00 per page, certified copies add $1.00, except for certified marriage licenses which are $9.00. Webster County is not on line yet.

Phone numbers are as follows:
Circuit Clerk: 417-859-2006
Recorder: 417-468-2173
Probate 417-859-2041

Webster County Courthouse, Marshfield, MO 65706

Available Records:

Courthouse burned in 1863; destroyed by cyclone in 1881.

Recorder of Deeds: Index to deeds, 1854-1887; Deed records, 1855-1925; Marriage license records, 1855-1921; Marriage license register, 1883-1918.

Clerk of the County Court: Permanent record of births, 1883-1884; Register of births and stillbirths, 1883-1893; Permanent record of deaths, 1883-1884; Record of state board of health, 1883-1905.

Clerk of the Circuit Court: Circuit court records, 1855-1898.

Clerk of the Probate Court: Probate records, 1856-1886; Probate minutes, 1879-1882; Administratorís/executorís letters, bonds and records, 1871-1898; Inventories, appraisements and sale bills, 1871-1889; Settlement records, 1871 -1890; Guardianís/curatorís records, 1871-1898; Will records, 1870-1924.